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GT Testing use the latest computer based technology for efficiency you can choose from paper pat testing reports, we can email them and you can save them on your pc, or we can provide them on disc in pdf format, the choice is yours

  • Visual Inspection-We do not simply attach a machine and test-the importance of the visual inspection should not be overlooked, it can be the most important as we have to assess the suitability of the item for the environment it which it is used , we also check for damage in the plug or flex

  • Earth bond-Many appliances depending on their construction rely on having a good connection to earth to protect the user -if this has not been connected correctly in the first place or has worked loose due to the earth wire being pulled out of its terminal, it can be dangerous.

  • Insulation-we check the insulation between the conductors is up to standards, if the insulation is not effective electricity can leak out to the user, causing shock or burns.

  • Touch Leakage-this is an alternative way of measuring insulation,

A pass or fail label is attached to each item, we can also use an asset number bar code if required.

In order to carry out the tests, we do have to unplug the equipment; most items take around 3 to 5 minutes to test. 




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