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PAT Testing Cheshire area

PAT Testing for Schools and Colleges

Dangers found while PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing for Landlords

PAT Testing for Shops and Offices

PAT Testing for Mobile DJs

How do we test appliances ?

PAT Testing Legislation

electrical PAT test Prices


We ONLY use I.T. safe testers .

We include detailed Pat testing Certificates for insurance and health and safety inspections.

We include barcoded id labels on each item.

We can personalise labels e.g. "property of..."

We include minor repairs, new plugs and fuses on office equipment.

Out of hours testing possible.

CALL Gary Now 07726 506640 To discuss your requirements.

           WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY-here are some  genuine comments...
 "Thanks for the email containing my certificates. Just like to say a big thank you for your excellent customer service. I will be using you again!!!."
"Thanks for today.  Really quick and efficient."
"Thank You for completing the PAT Testing so promptly I really do appreciate your efforts also the  detailed reports you have supplied."

We provide full detailed reports on paper, emailed or on cd rom , they can also be used to keep track of assets for accounting purposes. 


What does Pat Testing stand for ?

It is short for Portable Appliance Testing.

Why do I need electrical items Pat Tested ?

Apart from legal obligations to pat test, your insurance will usually require you to keep up to date with current legislation (even if they don't specifically ask you to get it done, if you don't and an accident is caused by an item that hasnt been tested, your insurance usually won't cover you-think of it like an MOT ).

Who is responsible  ?

Any business owner/manager , Rental Landlords, Pub Landlords, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Builders, Restaurants, Cafes, Djs etc.

Do many items fail, am I going to be left without important equipment ?

We come across many items that need minor repairs such as loose terminal screws, cut insulation, broken plugs,  wrong fuse ratings and even fuses replaced with tin foil ! However we repair most items on the spot so that appliances can be kept in service.

What needs to be tested ?

 All items that plug in such as kettles, microwaves, computers, printers tools etc



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